Scano di Montiferro - Iscanu - su situ de Iscanu
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Cork's craftsmen

A form of craftsmanship for its charming simplicity and the raw material used in our opinion should be placed among the most sincere and close to reality of the island is that of the cork, which were obtained  once, even the tiles for the houses, as well as containers of various types: for example where you put the forms curds and cheese, roast trays, the salt-cellars, the measures for cereals and pulses. Currently you realize ashtrays, postcards, ceramic vases and services covered by layers of cork, and of course millions of caps for bottles of fine wines islanders, obviously in high demand from Italy and abroad.

Text taken from "Guida Pratica della Sardegna" di S. Colomo, Editrice Archivio Fotografico Sardo


At the top in the video we can see the craftsman Scanese "Ti' Bore Murtas", 83 years old and a passion for the cork that accompanies all his life.

For years he worked as a laborer in the field of highly specialized and expert knowledge of this product. Now that he is retired spends much of his spare time in his small workshop in Scano Montiferro to create objects inspired by ancient tradition but also modern. His words reflected all the love for this extraordinary material messoci available from nature and that really should be reassessed.

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