Scano di Montiferro - Iscanu - su situ de Iscanu
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The urban churches

The parish church, devoted to Saint Peter Apostle , it rises on the ruins of a punic necropolis and on the foundations of a monastery. It was reconstructed at the end of 1700, almost entirely, subsequently to a fire. It guards interesting works of art among which the wooden and gilded statue of St. Peter in desk (XVII sec.) perhaps of stampacina school and two statues of Iberian-Neapolitan shop (XVIII sec.) devote to the Virgo of all the Saints. Very important is also the arcive with documents of the XVI century.

Saint Nicola , with façade in neoclassic style, it has entertained since 1600 the Arciconfraternity of Saint Cross, that presides every year the traditional ceremonies of the holy Week. There are kept a great painting representing the sepulchre of Christ, with scenes of the passion and a bifrontal painting of Emilio Scherer (end of IX century). The altar is decorated from Isidoro Delogu (beginning of XX century).

Saint Rosary , center of the homonym Brotherhood, guards the statues of Saint Sabina (XV sec.), the Madonna of the Rosary, presumable work of the master Lonis (XVIII century), and of the Madonna de Meeting of the artist Isidoro Delogu (first XX century).

The Brotherhood of the Souls has center in two churches, one adjacent the parish church and another greater, in the high part of the town. To their inside there are three ancient altarpieces representing the Purgatory.

The country churches

S. Antioco (XVII century), in the homonym tourist zone, where the Martyr is celebrated three times a year.

Santa Barbara , set among the rocks in a zone rich in nuraghi and domus de Janas, near the remains Punic-Roman of Su Lù.

Saint Cross and San George , set to watch over the town on the two hills that delimit the inhabited area.

Saint Victoria , downstream of the country, between the ruins of the Byzantine monastery of "Turre 'e Manigas.

Finally, a chapel, in proximity of the Giant's grave of Pedras Doladas , to memory the institution of the cult of the Virgo of all the Saints, patron of the town.

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