Scano di Montiferro - Iscanu - su situ de Iscanu
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Scano Montiferro - Iscanu

Scano Montiferro - Iscanu

1600 inhabitants, rise to the slopes of the Montiferru, in one of the healthiest zones of the island up to 380 ms. on the sea level, from which is a few kilometers away. Built on the crater of an ancient volcano on basaltic rocks. Its territory is spread on hills and picturesque valleys among which flow innumerable courses of water.
The country is situated in a strategic point in full mountainous territory. The highest mountain is "Sa Pattada" (980 mt), from which you can enjoy some boundless sights just 30 minutes of walking excursion.
The the nearest beach is just 15 minutes driving.

Easy to reach from different points, is 18 Kms away from the intersection of Macomer of the national Road 131.
From the top of the hills among which lies the village you can watch stupendous sunsets on the sea.

For the one who wants the coolness of the woods there is a stupendous pinewood in the periphery of the village, or just 4 Kms away the resort Sant Antioco for your pics nics, with natural sources in every corner.

For the ones keen on history, the territory of Scano offers different archaeological sites. The most important of which is the site Nuraghe Nuracale , a nuragic construction surrounded from four towers with another central one recently revalued for its importance, and object of international archaeological excavations. There are also present prenuragical necropolises called Domus de Janas (houses of the fairies) or Furrighesos, numerous "giants' graves" disseminated in the whole territory and a number among the highest in Sardinia of Nuragic constructions (around 50) a lot of which unfortunately in almost total downfall.


It is rich of foods from the ancient tastes. The typical dish is the timballa de arrosu ", a timbale of rice with filled of meats and vegetables.
The cultivation of the olive trees and the grapevine offer a delicious oil and a very good wine.
The bread and the sweets (amaretos, tiricas, pabassinos, bread of saba, is manufactured still with handicraft methods).

Among the cheeses it excels on all the "casizzolu of the montiferru", from the characteristic shape of pear, derived of the bovine milk and the "pilotu", the authentic cheese of Sardinian sheeps..

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