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Saint Antony's bonfire

Every 16 and 17 January, is celebrated in Scano Montiferro, St. Anthony, also known as the Saint of Fire.

The importance that the figure of Saint Anthony has in the Sardinian cultural context is incomprehensible unless you know the story of the theft of fire.

In fact "Sant'Antoni de su Fogu", as it is called in Sardinia, is the Prometheus of the Sardinian tradition: the one who stole fire from hell and give it to men.

And this gesture is so important that in many towns of the island, including of course Scano, people turn on and bless the fires.

St. Anthony, the legend
The legend says that when the fire was not yet known on earth, the men called for Anthony to ask for help. The holy pity, then decided to go to hell with the devil to steal the fire with a ruse: the stick that was with him was of a particular type of wood, the ferrule. If it approached the flame burning but without from the outside can see it. That's so once you subtracted the fire, Anthony was able to give it to all men.

Originally dedicated to "St. Antoni de su Fogu" there is the myth of the theft of fire from Prometheus made heaven and how the pagan traditions are often "replaced" by Christian traditions. According to several studious dedicated to the holy fires stem from ancient pagan rites dedicated to the gods fertilizing. For example, by the way and the speed with which the flames flare up, or orientation can be omens of smoking on the crop.

In Scano when the fire begins to extinguish and remain the embers, the devotees take home the coals, as relics to which it confers the power to ward off bad luck. The saint is celebrated with bonfires around which people gather to recite a prayer, drink a glass of good wine or taste sweet, to the rhythm of music and dancing that lasts until late evening.

Below you can see the movie in preparation for the fire and the blessing.

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