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Sa festa 'e totta 'idda

''Sa festa de totta idda'' (The whole town festival)

Every four years generally in the months of July and August in Scano Montiferro it develops "Sa festa de totta idda" an absolutely original popular demonstration , of great historical and tourist interest for the various ethnic reviews , shows, songs and traditional dances.

''THE HISTORY: a modern festival turned to the past''
Sa festa de totta 'idda was born, almost for game, in July 1979. To the Shelter La Madonnina, a group of journalists frequented a course of updating promoted by the Group of Studies and Social Searches of Sardinia. The trainees, felt the demand to put the studied theories into practice. The objective was to sttimulate a community so that it organized entirely spontaneously an original festival. It thought that Scano could be the ideal community to carry on this experiment. The councillor to the tourism married the proposal and was immediately activated for sensitizing the fellow townspersons. The population quickly responded to the initiative and in a few days the festival already had its program of events.

The people of Scano, taken by great enthusiasm, they opened the old chests and they looked through in the attics of house to the search of ancient agricultural utensils. But above all undertaken a trip in the memory of the country, rediscovering so the history and the great values of the past of the community. They participated in so many people, adults and kids, and all were organized in committees and spontaneous groups. Every neighborhood proposed original initiatives: bread was manufactured done in the house as it was in use in the past; shows of textile manufactured articles were realized, of embroideries and jobs to the crotchet hook, of handicraft knives, of agricultural utensils, of baskets and of "bariles" (small barrels that in past they were used to the place of the bottles). They made processions with the traditional customs; the works of Scano poets were sung and it were festively performed the  "ballu cantigu" or the traditional dance performed to the only sound of the voices; It had put in operation ancient crushers and old mills, reactivated old shops and artisan laboratories. It was realized the first mural painted by the young people of the village. A lot of wine cellars "sos comasinos" were open to the tourists where elderly in typical custom offered to drink and told ancient histories.

This spirit, true soul of the party it has been maintained intact for all these years: every 4 years sa festa  de totta 'idda renews itself, with its wake of enthusiasm, cohesion, hospitality, creativeness.
In the last editions it has aimed a lot, over that on the promotion of Scano, of its culture and its territory also on the exposure and sale of local typical products, not only enogastronomic as "su casizolu" (the caciocavallo cheese),  the bread in its innumerable forms that our grandmothers cleverly knew how to create, the sweets typical of Scano Montiferro "sos druches iscanesos" among which amaretos, suspiros and mustazolos, the good production of honey "su mele iscanesu", the meat of the red ox "sa peta de sos boes iscanesos" but also of typical craftsmanship and appreciated as the carpets and the Sardinian typical knife. "Sas resoldzas .

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